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Cycling, tennis and golf in the Black Forest

Holiday time is valuable time that should be filled with those things that you enjoy – whether it's playing golf in the Black Forest or cycling through the forest and along mountain paths. The inviting Bretten Valley is perfect for the passionate cyclist looking for beautiful Black Forest tours.

Cycling in the Bretten Valley and the region

Take a trip to the Hünersedel Mountain (744 m), through a varied landscape of blossoming meadows and fairy-tale forests. The views from the mountains across the Black Forest and Vosges valleys will fascinate you. Along the Kandel mountain path you will enjoy wonderful views of this beautiful green region from your bike.

At the Ludinmühle we hire out e-bikes and are happy to give you tips and advice on bike tours.

Tennis while on holiday

The history of the Ludinmühle dates back over 300 centuries. The history of tennis, however, is much older. There is evidence from the 13th century of a game said to be the precursor for modern tennis as we know it today. And there's absolutely no reason why you should do without this traditional sport during your holiday in the Bretten Valley.

Just 4 kilometres from the hotel you will find the nearest open-air tennis courts, and 15 kilometres away are some covered tennis courts. We would be happy to reserve a court for your game.

Golf in the Black Forest

Hiking and cycling are sports that typically take place in nature. Additionally, golf in the Black Forest offers a very special experience close to nature. In our sunny region the golf balls fly around the golf courses with added zest and you can be the one hitting them!

You don't have to go far from our hotel to play golf in the Black Forest. The nearest golf club is just 12 kilometres away.

Your golf courses in the Black Forest and surrounding area:

We wish you lots of fun playing golf in the Black Forest!

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