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Conscience for your feel-good Holiday

At Hotel Ludinmühle we take care to operate our 4-star superior hotel in a sustainable way. That means, to be actively conscious about our environment and quality and to be supportive of our employees. In detail, this becomes relevant in following sectors: 

Energy & Materials

  • Our pools are heated through a carbon dioxide neutral woodchip heating. The wood comes from the neighbouring sawmill and is as such regional.
  • We use certified green energy. It is produced through hydropower in Iffezheim as well as our in-house photovoltaic system, which for example delivers 50% of energy for our laundry facility.
  • Our finnish blockhouse sauna is built of natural wood from our private woods.
  • The biological hay in our hay beds is produced in the region.

Culinary from the Region

  • Venison and boar are from our own hunting grounds.
  • Products such as veal, pork, spelt bread and schnapps are purchased by an organic farm located within the Black Forest.
  • Wild herbs are harvested on the farm of family Zimmermann, the relatives of our hotelier.
  • Our senior manager Hilda Bühler is baking cakes and pies personally and on the base of traditional family recipies.
  • Many of our 280 wines are produced from regional grapes (Markgräflerland, Breisgau, Ortenau, Palatine).
  • Many of the products we use are from regional companies and through that we avoid long access routes.


  • We are training and developing apprentices every year and focus intensively on the support and further education of our young professionals.

Got the gap!

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Floating Package

The special water with its high levels of salt gives you the feeling of weightlessness!
After just a few minutes of weightlessness in the water you will forget all of your troubles.
Your body and spirit will find complete relaxation.

2 nights
from 350,00 € per person

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