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Ludinmühle – a hotel with tradition

From Mill to Inn

Our Ludinmühle, in the heart of Freiamt-Brettental, is a hotel with a long tradition. 300 years ago -in year 1702-
a mill belonging to the Ludin family was mentioned. Andreas Ludin, the owner, ran a public bath and possibly also a restaurant.

From 1790 the Ludinmühle got the right to host guests overnight.
The house was run under the name "Sonne" (sun), most of the guests simply called it the "Ludinmühle". or the Ludin Mill. In 1872 there was only 1 room with two beds.

In 1883, one of the daughters of the Ludin family married into the Herr family, the ancestors of our senior boss Daniel Bühler.

From 2 rooms to a first-class hotel

Daniel Bühler took over the business from his grandparents in 1962. In 1968, the mill business was discontinued because the stream did not carry enough water.  The agricultural holdings, which up to this point had been run as a farm,  were leased out.

Tourism has been the family's main source of income since the middle of the 1960s. Up to then there had only been two guest rooms, one single and one double. New rooms sprung up with new and remodeled buildings. Our family officially renamed the "Sonne" in "Ludinmühle".

More expansions and modifications followed. The Ludinmühle was developed into a 4-star Superior hotel.
The entire team – from the kitchen crew to the restaurant staff – work with a passion to ensure the well-being of our guests.

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