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Pool area and relaxation rooms

Peace as a power source

Taking time for a relaxation is like finding a spring from which power flows. Your stay at the Ludinmühle should be a booster of this power source.
The pool areas, relaxation rooms, and the hotel's garden offer a variety of recreational opportunities.
Fresh fruits, tea and water are available all day long at our vitalbar in the spa lounge.

3D tour in our spa lounge

Relaxation rooms

Our relaxation rooms invite you, to relax in comfort, in a quiet atmosphere.
Indirect lighting and fireplace dummies spread toasty, warm atmosphere and let everyday stress forgotten.
You can also use in our blockhouse the hay beds for relaxation of a different kind.
Mattresses and pillows are filled with organic hay from the Black Forest, on the hay beds can be enjoyed overlooking the hotel park.
We invite our guests to relax in the hotel garden with a view over the Brettental.

3D tour relaxation rooms basement

3D tour relaxation rooms basement

3D tour relaxation rooms first floor

Pool area

The term "Sanus per Aquam" - health through water - stands for the gentle regeneration of body, mind and soul.
Where better to succeed at this than in one of our three pools?

Force jets, massage jets and a cervical falls spoil you year-round with in the 32°C water of our outdoor pools.
Dive into the 28°C indoor pool or relax in the 35°C bubbles of our jacuzzi.

In the Ludinmühle we bring swing into the water with water aerobics and aqua jogging.
Dive into the cool water ...
Refresh yourself in our plunge pool after sauna sessions and more!

And if you want to make an extraordinary underwater experience, we recommend you to try  "Floating".
This special water is highly saturated with bitter salts and gives you a wonderful feeling of lightness.

Information & opening hours

  • Indoor and outdoor pool and hot tub are open from 7:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.
  • The relaxation rooms may be used from 11:00 a.m. until 20:30 p.m.
  • In the basement of the main house there are dressing rooms and as lockers available.
  • Slippers & bathrobes can be found in the beach bag in your room.
  • Bath towels are available for you at the indoor pool.
  • The relaxation rooms in the sauna paradise are available for our guests 16 and above.

Got the gap!

Imagine you could get away from it all,
for a special rate...
We would say: "Got the gap!"


Floating Package

The special water with its high levels of salt gives you the feeling of weightlessness!
After just a few minutes of weightlessness in the water you will forget all of your troubles.
Your body and spirit will find complete relaxation.

2 nights
from 350,00 € per person

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