Massages Ludinmühle Hotel & Spa

The art of touch

Give yourself over to our outstandingly qualified massage therapists – pampering for body and soul.

Their expert touch will alleviate any tension, pamper your body and strengthen your immune system. It is with good reason that people have put their trust in the beneficial powers of massage through the ages.

Uplifting ayurvedic massages

Large Abhyanga

An ayurvedic full body massage with warm oils to create an energetic balance.
approx. 90 min.
€ 137,- per treatment

3 x Abhyanga

Head and face massage, invigorating foot massage with a foot bath. An ideal energy balance.
approx. 80 min.
€ 120,- per treatment

Cérémonie des bols chantants

Experience the magic of sounds, that reach deep into your body. The soothing vibrations make your cells vibrate and release tension and blockages. The sound cannot just be heard, but also felt. Be filled by the sound and experience a wonderful sensation of deep relaxation.
approx. 60 min.
€ 77,- per treatment

Uplifting massages

Wellness massage

approx. 60 min.
€ 82,- per treatment

Wellness massage

Enjoy a revitalising peeling followed by a relaxing full body massage
with full body peeling
approx. 90 min.
€ 124,- per treatment

Tuina – Chinese massage

approx. 30 min.
€ 55,- per treatment
approx. 60 min.
€ 106,- per treatment
approx. 90 min.
€ 157,- per treatment

Hot stone massage

Enjoy a full body massage with warm basalt stones. The stones glide along your meridian and lymph lines. They activate energy centres, release muscle tension and accompany you into deep relaxation with their warmth. Enjoy this wonderful art of calm.
approx. 90 min.
€ 110,- per treatment

Saabaydi herbal stamp massage

A massage ceremony originating in Thailand. An energetic massage, with warm herb stamps and sensual aromas, which help you to forget all about every day life. Your back and shoulders are soothed by the warm herb stamps, followed by your lower back, your face, head and feet. Your lymph flow and metabolism are stimulated. Muscle tension is released. Experience a hint of Asia.
approx. 90 min.
€ 114,- per treatment

Lomi Lomi Nui

This unique massage ritual, serves for complete relaxation on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The Lomi Lomi is a loving way to yourself.
approx. 80 min.
€ 124,- per treatment

Traditional massages

Back and neck massage

approx. 30 min.
€ 44,- per treatment

Full body massage

approx. 60 min.
€ 82,- per treatment

Back and neck massage with a hot roll

approx. 45 min.
€ 66,- per treatment

Sport massage legs or back

approx. 45 min.
€ 72,- per treatment

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

to the wellness vacation in the 4*s hotel Ludinmühle in Freiamt

What are the check in and check out times?

On the day of arrival, the room in your hotel in the Black Forest is available from 3:00 pm and on the day of departure until 11:00 am. The use of the swimming pool & sauna before room check-in or after room release is possible to a limited extent after prior consultation.

Is there a charging station for electric cars?

At the moment, for a fee (per started kwh 0.50 €), a socket or power outlet is available for charging. Soon there will also be a wallbox for charging in our 4 star hotel in the Black Forest.

Is there free parking?

Sufficient parking spaces are available directly at your 4-star wellness hotel in the Black Forest. In our courtyard at the main house we also offer covered parking for a small fee.

Do I need to make an additional reservation for a table in the restaurant?

For our overnight guests we reserve a fixed table in our restaurant in the Black Forest for breakfast and dinner. If you have any wishes regarding the room, you are welcome to let us know in advance.

Can food allergies be accommodated in the restaurant at Ludinmühle?

Of course, you may let us know your intolerances in advance. The kitchen crew of your wellness hotel in the Black Forest will be happy to create a separate menu for you.

Booking massages at the Hotel & Spa

If you already know how you would like to be pampered by us during your spa holiday, we invite you to book your massages when you reserve your room, so that our SPA team can ensure your appointments are exactly when you want them.

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