Special treatments for the whole family

in the 4 star superior Ludinmühle Hotel & Spa

Our spa team will provide you with personalised pampering in accordance with your specific requirements. Our specially developed treatments for men, children’s massages and spa treatments for teenagers and mothers‑to‑be provide outstanding relaxation.

We offer chocolate oil massages and facial treatments for children and teenagers to enjoy on family holidays.

Full body massage for children younger than 14 years

Massages for children can have an extremely positive effect on the physical and emotional development of children. In addition, regular massage can lead to improved body awareness and relaxation in children. Overall, a children's massage helps to promote the well-being and health of children.
approx. 30 min.
€ 34,- per treatment

Feel-good teen massage 13 to 15 years

A full body massage for teenagers can be a wonderful way to relieve stress and relax. Gentle touches and targeted massage strokes release tension and promote blood circulation. This type of massage can not only alleviate physical complaints, but also increase well-being and boost self-confidence. Teenagers often have to deal with school stress, hormonal changes and other pressures, so a full body massage can be a valuable support in bringing body and mind into harmony.
approx. 45 min.
€ 50,- per treatment

Wellness for expectant mothers

We offer indivdual massages for 30, 45 or 60  minutes starting at 46 € per massage
€ 0,- per treatment

Man treat yourself ...

  • A relaxing back and neck massage
  • Soin du visage Thalgo Men (nettoyage de la peau, peeling, enveloppement, massage du visage et un soin final)
approx. 110 min.
€ 127,- per treatment