Special treatments for the whole family

in the 4 star superior Ludinmühle Hotel & Spa

Our spa team will provide you with personalised pampering in accordance with your specific requirements. Our specially developed treatments for men, children’s massages and spa treatments for teenagers and mothers‑to‑be provide outstanding relaxation.

We offer chocolate oil massages and facial treatments for children and teenagers to enjoy on family holidays.

Full body massage for children younger than 14 years

Massages for children stimulate their well-being and body awareness
approx. 30 min.
€ 32,- per treatment

Wellness for expectant mothers

We offer indivdual massages for 30, 45 or 60  minutes starting at 44 € per massage
€ 0,- per treatment

Man treat yourself ...

  • A relaxing back and neck massage
  • Deluxe treatment for men: Skin cleansing, peeling, active ingredient concentrate, face and neck massage, pack and a final skin care treatment
approx. 110 min.
€ 125,- per treatment