Thalasso treatments

in the 4 star superior Ludinmühle Hotel & Spa

Experience the revitalising effects of algae and mineral salts products with Thalasso treatments for body & soul.

Frigi Thalgo

Cooling and deblocking Frigi leg wrap for swollen legs and varicose veins
1 day offer
approx. 45 min.
€ 65.- per treatment
3 day offer
approx. 150 min.
€ 159.- per treatment

Thalasso back treatment

A special treatment for your back. Mud pack, sea salt peeling, and a back and neck massage.
approx. 60 min.
€ 78.- per treatment

Prelude Marine

approx. 60 min.
€ 89.- per person

Thalasso cure with bath

Vitality from the sea with a sea salt and algae peeling, a purifying algae bath, a tightening algae bode pack and a subsequent algae creme massage.
approx. 130 min.
€ 188.- per treatment

Algae for your figure

Sea salt and algae bath and an algae pack. This maritime power package comprising vitamins, minerals and trace elements stimulates your metabolism, supplies blood to the skin and encourages your body's natural purification.i
1 day treatment
approx. 55 min.
€ 97.- per treatment

Merveille Artique

Let the new THALGO Spa Ritual take you on a breathtaking journey.
on a breathtaking journey.
You will start with an Arctic crystal bath, then your body will be refreshed with an exfoliation, after which you can relax with a full body massage with Arctic massage oil.
approx. 120 min.
€ 166.- per treatment